Killbot's Number is an unimaginably large number, that was made personally by Killbot. It also can be defined as size of the Multiverse.

How to calculate Edit

let's imagine number i0

i0 is pretty small, i0 = 2^2

not so large

i1, then

i0 = 4

i1 = i0^i0^i0^i0 = 4^4^4^4 (4^ repeated 4 times) = 340282366920938463463374607431768211456

not so small, isn't it?

i2, then

i2 = i1^i1^i1^i1^i1....... (i1 times in total)

it's extremely large

even i2 is incalculable


i3 = i2^i2^i2........ (i2 times)


i42 = Killbots number

it is so large, that it possibly larger that Grahams Number

both numbers are incalculable, so, we won't ever know.

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