Multiverse is a group of Universes, with undefined size, contained by Metaverse. It's more likely finite. Contained by Metaverse, and contains Universe Universes.

Dimensionality Edit

4+1 dimensionality, means, that Multiverse has 4 space dimensions, and 1 time dimension. here you can't understand true form of this -verse, just because our 3-dimensional eyes isn't prepared to observe 4-dimensional objects.

Contains Edit

Multiple Universe Universes. Really many of them. Multiverses diameter is so large, that it's incalculable by human technology, so, an unknown number of Universes lies beyond ours.

Different Concepts Edit

Multiple Universes Concept Edit

already described.

The Time Worm Concept Edit

Multiverse is like our Universes, repeated infinite ammount of times, forming an infinite... kind of... "worm". And we are currently just a replay of already recorded Universe. Structure C.T. Wiki's original Multiverse has the following stuff contained.

Different UniversesEdit

Multiverse contains many Universes. Most of them are, so called, Normal Universes (77%), lesser ammount (14%) are Dwarf/Defective Universes, 8.9991% are Ultra-Universes, and 0.000899999% are Voidoverses. There are so small ammount of Voidoverses, because most of Universal Barriers breaks down, before Universe becomes Voidoverse. And finally, any other universes are unbelivably small 0.000000001%

Inter-Universal DustEdit

Inter Universal Dust is a bunch of matter. Anything that enters Trans-Universal Void, turns to dust, because of Multiversal Gravity, pulling them to different universes. This might hold down some civilization, managed to travel to another Universe.

Lord Aspect's TypesEdit


Some little Multiverse's Universal Structures are resembling molectular bonds Multiverses have several types, defined by Lord Aspect.

Normal Multiverse (Mn)Edit

Average Multiverse. This Multiverse is stricly following the original concept of many Universes being contained by it. Some little Multiverse's Universal Structures are resembling molecular bonds.

Ultraverse (Mu)Edit

main page - Ultraverse

Ultraverses are rare Multiverses, that are much bigger than normal ones. They are also have high temperature, and unusual (for Multiverses) violet color (most of Multiverses are blue or light-blue).

Conrainer (MM)Edit

Container Multiverses are Multiverses that contains other multiverses. Most of all the Multiverses are Container. If Multiverse contains Universes, it is Duoverse. If Multiverse contains Duoverses/Multiverses, it is Trioverse. And so on: Quadroverse, Quintaverse, Hectaverse, Septaverse, Octaverse, Noniverse, Dekaverse, Vendekaverse, Twindekaverse........... Omegaverse. All of the container Multiverses has the same concept as the original Multiverse, but they are containing another Multiverse and are contained by another.

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