Paragalaxy is a extremely large galaxy.

Type-I PGx Edit

Type-I Paragalaxy is a galaxy, that became so huge, because of high expansion rate of it's host universe. Theese galaxies can burst out at any time, because their dark matter ring isn't enough to "fight-off" extreme expansion.

Type-II PGx Edit

Type-II Paragalaxy is a former galaxy cluster or supercluster, that merged into one galaxy (like IC-1101). Not like Type-I PGx's, Type-II PGx are appearing in the universes with low expansion rate, where gravity surpasses expansion

List of this wiki's paragalaxies Edit

this part is showing the list of Cosmic Space Wiki's local paragalaxies, that are gonna be used fir work

- Drion Nici

- BD 7.0

- Svea-9180

- Svea-9981

- IC-9180