↓Power (here) (shouldn't be confused with potential) is a set of abbilities that any entity can use. Every entity have it's power level. Some entities have powers that gives them almost no abbilities, and some entities have enough power to create/destroy omniverse(s). Also, some entities can upgrade their powers.

Power tiers (from highest to lowest) Edit

Omnipotence Edit

tier-∞ power. Enough to affect the whole Existence.

Nigh-Omnipotence Edit

∞↓. Enough to do everything, excluding affecting -verses higher than Omniverse, affecting tier-∞ entities and escaping Voidoverse.

Beyonder power Edit

↑↑↑↑↑↑. Affecting Exaverses

↑↑↑↑↑. Affecting Petaverses

↑↑↑↑. Affecting Teraverses

High power Edit

↑↑↑. Affecting Xenoverses. Breaking laws of physics, in the way of moving faster than the speed of light, or affecting gravity.

↑↑. Affecting several Metaverses/Multiverses. Partially breaking laws of physics

↑. Affecting Universes. Partially breaking laws of physics

Normal power Edit

{N}. Affecting Galaxies. Escaping Universes, by avoiding their "inescapeabbility"

Low power Edit

↓. Humanity by reaching type-1 civilisation

↓↓. Ants

↓↓↓. Bacterias

↓↓↓↓. Subatomic particles

0. Non-existing entity

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